8. Life in Eugene, Oregon

The University of Oregon is located in Eugene, Oregon.

I will move from Pennsylvania to Oregon in summer 2024 (with 3 medium-large senior dogs and 20+ houseplants, some of which are as old as I am…wish me luck!). While I’m not a Eugene expert yet, below is a bit of info on Eugene. I’ll update this page with more info over time.

  1. Eugene has a lush landscape with green…everywhere, which makes sense considering that Eugene has been nicknamed the “Emerald City.” It’s a dream location if you’re into mountains, hiking, and/or nature. I took the pic above from Spencer Butte (a popular Eugene hiking spot) in January 2023. Not too bad for January weather!

  2. Eugene is roughly a 1-hour drive to the coast (driving west) and very large mountains (driving east). Eugene is roughly a 2-hour drive to Portland (driving north).

  3. If proximity to a Trader Joe’s impacts your quality of life, as it does mine, there is a Trader Joe’s in Eugene!

  4. See highlights here on Eugene as a city, including info on weather, food, arts, culture, and outdoor activities.

  5. The University of Oregon has a Campus Pride Index of 5/5, which is “an overall indicator of institutional commitment to LGBTQ-inclusive policy, program, and practice.”

Lauren Forrest, PhD
Lauren Forrest, PhD
Assistant Professor